Hopping off the train to Nowhere

Hopping off the train to Nowhere

The train to Nowhere is safe and familiar. Surrounded by people you know, making stops at places you’ve navigated to hundreds of times. You’ll probably live a happy and comfortable life on the train to Nowhere. And that’s just wonderful for most people. But the hard truth of the matter is that the train to Nowhere is a train that leads away from your Dreams. Honestly, it’s just a really crowded, old train.There’s even more bad news; unfortunately, there’s no train to your Dreams. It’s more like a highly flammable nuclear rocket ship made of gummy bears, coated in gasoline, and fueled by your salty tears.

Fortunately for those few who are willing to board this contrivance, your mind is the limit. Your heart is the limit. You are the only limit. And that is precisely what makes the path so difficult. It’s the reason why there are so many people on the train to Nowhere. You are your greatest inhibitor as well as your greatest motivator. The journey to your Dreams is riddled with calamity, unfamiliarity, discomfort, risk, loneliness, exploding chihuahua’s that will shit on you if you try to disarm them, then come back from the grave after they have already exploded to continue to shit on you. You’re going to struggle. It’s the ones who endure and realize their dreams are worth the fight- those who dare to believe in their greatness and humbly demonstrate that strength- who will assuredly succeed. Arduous is the journey ahead; elation at the journey’s end.

I have come to realize that my dream is beautiful. It is the best damn dream that anyone could ever have, as I am sure you will say the same about your own. I’ve chosen to make that dream a reality. My good friend (one of my best friends actually) has chosen to make his dream a reality. We have chosen to pursue our individual dreams, working collectively. My friend’s name is Tony. He is, in fact, an uncertified, but inexplicably qualified, genius. One of the most resourceful and intelligent people I’ve ever met. Though I will say his emotional intelligence might be comparable to a dead snail. This snail died because I leaked my salty tears onto it by the way. My name is Danny. Contrarily, I probably have the intelligence of a live snail. But man, can I tell when a person is crying. I can literally see the tears roll off their face; it’s so easy. It’s pretty much a super power; I’m basically a super hero.

Over the course of our journey, I will be documenting our struggles and our shortcomings. Our process and our eventual rise to success. And I’ll also probably write about a lot of random stuff that you probably won’t care about, but will still read because I will click-bait you super hard. Follow us on our adventure. We’re hopping off the train to Nowhere. It’s boring there and we don’t like it. We just want to see some chihuahua’s explode.

DISCLAIMER: NO chihuahua’s were hurt or ever will be hurt in the process of this journey probably.